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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Love Your self In Python

When I was using Java, I always insisted on making the this reference explicit when referring to an attribute or method within the same class. I think it always makes the code clearer because there is never any doubt about where an identifier is coming from; either it is a temp or argument or there will be a this in front of it, in which case it is an attribute or method.

The habit of placing this in Java code even where it was not required certainly eased my transition to Python. In Python, self is the explicit first parameter to every method, and must be used whenever accessing methods or attributes of the object. I have often heard people complain about this, but it is one of the things I love about Python.

In addition to the clarity described above, the explicit self as the first parameter to all methods unifies functions and methods in a way that is not done in other languages. Once you start thinking about methods as functions that take an object as their first argument, functions and methods become very similar. This encourages a dual interface that is used often in Python. This dual interface is one where you can use either a function or an object's method to do the same thing (like Python's re module).

For example, I find myself often writing code like this:

def get_table_sql(name, db):
return 'CREATE TABLE %s (%s)' % (name, get_column_sql(name))

class Table(DbObject):
def get_sql(self):
return get_table_sql(self.name, self.db)

Now, nothing prevents you from doing this in other languages, but I find that the explicit self goes a long way towards encouraging programmers to think about functions and methods in similar ways. And at the end of the day, your design is based more upon your frame of mind than the technological limitations of the language you are using.


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