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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Overlooked Developer Qualities

There is a lot more to a developer than ability to write code, or even to design software. I want to emphasize some non-technical qualities that do not normally get the recognition they deserve, but that I have noticed increase the value of a developer. They are, in no particular order:

  • Code Memory
  • Debugging Skills
  • Attention to Detail and Thoroughness

At my job, we have a very open, spontaneous environment, and developers will routinely raise their voice and ask a general question like "did anybody change this recently" or "what was that issue we had last week"? What amazes me is that not many developers remember how they designed something or how they solved a problem last week, let alone six months ago. It is a critical asset, therefore, to have a developer on the team with fantastic "code memory".

A developer with good code memory knows everything about how the system works, the current feature set, and current problems. In addition, they can remember how all those things have evolved over a period of months. This saves time when debugging recurring problems, answering questions from users and answering questions from developers. Every team should have this librarian-like keeper of knowledge, though ideally, this would be redundant across the entire team.

Another great quality to have as a developer is good debugging skills. To be able to quickly identify, isolate and fix problems is supremely valuable both during development of new features and during maintenance of a running system. There is nothing worse than having development slow to a crawl because you are plunging down a rabbit hole that may not be related to the problem at hand. On a running system, this skill is especially valuable as it means less downtime. Problem solving skills and code memory combine to vastly enhance this skill.

Finally, attention to detail and thoroughness make a big difference in the quality of a developer. Thia quality fundamentally allows a developer to be self-sufficient. Often, this skill is the difference between an intermediate developer and a senior developer. Without being able to think the entire feature through in all its detail and being sure that those details are covered by the solution, a developer cannot run projects, or even develop new features without support from someone who does have this quality.

These non-technical skills are based largely on fundamental learning abilities that ought to be taught to everyone starting in elementary school. These skills are not as easily quantifiable as languages known or coding ability, but deserve to be recognized for their indispensable value on a dev team.


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